The mission of our Native American Program is to support projects, programs, and initiatives that increase our understanding of the American Indian experience in Missouri through preservation, interpretation, and public programming.

We engage audiences with information on cultural history, education, preservation, and the arts. We also connect people to Missouri’s Native American Heritage through virtual and in person experiences such as mapping the Trail of Tears and by cataloging artifacts and historical sites.

 Trail of Tears Mapping

Over the past two years we have been dedicated to mapping the Trail of Tears in Missouri. We work with geospacial engineers and have created an interactive map highlighting historical sites and trails throughout the state. This is an on-going project through our Native Program, alongside our partner organizations and with assistance of our staff Archaeologist.

To view our work on the Trail of Tears, click on the link below.

Snelson-Brinker House

We are heading the conservation efforts surrounding the Snelson-Brinker Cabin located in Rolla, MO. This site holds vast Native American history – including being among the only handful of campsites along the Trail of Tears. 

Our work with the Snelson-Brinker house is ongoing, and shows our dedication to preserving the Native American experience within the state of Missouri. 

Our hope is that over the coming years we continue mapping historical sites, like the Snelson-Brinker house, and are able to share our mission of preserving Native American heritage in Missouri. For more information on our Native American Program, email Melody Delmar at

For more information on our archaeology efforts in Missouri, email Erin Whitson at 

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