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We have 47 speakers participating in our Missouri Speakers Bureau Program! Learn more about how to schedule a speaker for your event.

Why Schedule a speaker?

The Purpose

The purpose of the Missouri Speakers Bureau is to promote humanities education throughout the state of Missouri. If your civic organization, museum, historical society, library, nonprofit, or similar institution or group is looking for an expert to give a presentation on a topic related to the history, culture, geography, and/or people of Missouri, we hope you will consider what this program has to offer. For questions about the Missouri Speakers Program, please contact our Program Coordinator Nick Lopez at

How to Schedule a Speaker

How to participate in just a few easy steps!



Research our available speakers to see which topics would be most helpful to present at your site.


Reach out

Contact your speaker directly to see if they’re a good fit to accommodate your needs.


SEtup your time

Negotiate the plans: when, where and what’s on the program. Negotiate on price as well (free for rural non-profit organizations).



Congrats – that’s all! Did your speaker do a great job? Make sure to tell others about our speaker program!

Our Speakers

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Immigration / Ethnic HistorySt. Louis History

Lynn Marie Alexander

OzarksTravel & Tourism

Brooks Blevins

Writers & AuthorsBiographies

Nancy Kathleen Boswell

St. Louis HistoryEarly Statehood

Barnes Bradshaw

African AmericanImmigration / Ethnic History

Michelle Brooks

Military ConflictsAfrican American

Kansas City Buffalo Soldiers Chapter

Immigration / Ethnic HistoryEarly Statehood

Gene Chavez

Native American & Indigenous HistoryMissouri Cultural History

Suzanne Corbett

Early StatehoodRecent Missouri History

Stephen S. Davis


Carol Davit

Early StatehoodNative American & Indigenous History

Michael Dickey

Native American & Indigenous HistoryEarly Statehood

William Ambrose & Chris Dunn

Women's HistorySt. Louis History

Elizabeth Eikmann

African AmericanEnvironmental

John C. Fisher

Missouri Cultural HistoryWomen's History

Elyssa Ford

Women's HistoryAfrican American

Vanessa Garry

Women's HistoryWriters & Authors

Katherine Gilbert

African AmericanRecent Missouri History

Larry Gragg

Native American & Indigenous History

Galen Gritts

African AmericanEarly Statehood

Charles Hotle

Missouri Cultural HistoryBiographies

Becky Imhauser

Immigration / Ethnic HistoryOzarks

Mara Cohen Ioannides

Native American & Indigenous History

Suzanne Michelle Jones

St. Louis HistoryBiographies

Elizabeth Kurrus

Early StatehoodNative American & Indigenous History

Brad Lookingbill

St. Louis HistoryMissouri Cultural History

Christian Naffziger

Military ConflictsBiographies

Jeremy Neely

African AmericanImmigration / Ethnic History

Cecilia Nadal & Sydney Norton

Missouri Cultural HistorySt. Louis History

Dan O’Neill

EnvironmentalMissouri Cultural History

Alex Primm

Military ConflictsAfrican American

Ann Raab

Military Conflicts

Tom Rafiner

Kansas City HistoryMissouri Cultural History

Madeline Rislow

Missouri Cultural HistoryTravel & Tourism

John Drake Robinson

African AmericanBiographies

Carole Shelton

Writers & AuthorsMissouri Cultural History

Marideth Sisco

Missouri Cultural HistoryMilitary Conflicts

Jeffrey Smith

Immigration / Ethnic HistoryBiographies

Chad Stebbins

Military Conflicts

Chris Sutton

Immigration / Ethnic HistorySt. Louis History

Ria Unson

Early StatehoodMissouri Cultural History

Steve Wiegenstein

Military ConflictsRecent Missouri History

Loftin Woodiel