Meet our Team

William "Steve" Belko, Ph.D

Executive Director

Ashley Beard-Fosnow
Clarice Britton

Director of Operations

Hattie Bittle

Executive Assistant

Lisa Carrico

Director of Family and Veterans Programs

Caitlin Yager

Director of Heritage Programs

Eric Pinto

Native American Heritage Program Coordinator

Claire Bruntrager

Development Manager

Michael Saldivar
Marilyn Webster-Brown

Program Specialist

Erin Whitson
Greg Wolk, J.D.

Heritage Programs Coordinator

Executive Committee

John Robinson, III
Board Chair and Awards Co-Chair

Petra DeWitt
Vice Chair and Grants Committee Co-Chair

Susanne Evens
Board Treasurer and Awards Co-Chair

Marci Bennett
Secretary and Advocacy Co-Chair

Peter Hofherr
MHC Trust Fund Board Member

Trish Erzfled
Finance Committee Co-Chair and Awards Co-Chair

Marilynn Bradford
Programs Committee Chair

Sudarsan Kant
Strategic Planning Committee Chair

Board of Directors

Marilynn Bradford – Gubernatorial Appointee

Dr. Peter Hofherr – Gubernatorial Appointee

Laura Dierberg Ayers

Marci Bennett

Thomas M. Brandom

Betty Coleman

Dr. Petra DeWitt

Dr. Justin Dyer

Trish Erzfeld

Susanne Evens

Dr. Nat Hardy

Rev. Nicholas W. Inman

Dr. Sudarsan Kant

John M. Robinson, III

Blake Sherer

Dr. Jason Sides

Marvin Silliman