Missouri would not be the great State that it is without our small towns and communities. 

Our Missouri Heritage program focuses on providing the tools necessary for communities to identify and evaluate local cultural heritage assets; such as Placemaking, preserving rural Main Streets, and highlighting local attractions. 

Cultural Heritage Workshops

Our Cultural Heritage Workshops take place throughout the state of Missouri. These one-day workshops showcase a variety of topics from panelists representing both local and statewide organizations, as well as networking opportunities and applied activities. Participants learn basic tools to develop or revive cultural heritage programming in their communities, as well as how this programming can bolster tourism and impact local and regional economic development. 

Total Town Makeover

Our ‘Total Town Makeover’ series addresses the issues of why some small towns thrive while others decline. This two-part series details what influences young people to live and work in some communities but not in others, and how you can help your community make a turn-around for the better.