U.S. Grant Bicentennial

Aided by the publication of two blockbuster biographies in recent years–Ron Chernow’s Grant and Ronald C. White, Jr.’s American Ulysses–new generations of Americans are taking a fresh look at the legacy of our eighteenth President. In the last twenty years, no former president of the United States has risen further or faster in public perception and approval than Ulysses Grant.

Missouri held a special place in Grant’s heart. Three of the four children of Ulysses and Julia Grant were born in Missouri, and he maintained a relationship with our state from 1843, when he graduated from West Point, until 1884, the year before he died. Now, during this 200th year after his birth, Missouri celebrates one of its favorite sons.

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Traveling Exhibit for the Bicentennial of Ulysses S. Grant's Birth

Traveling exhibit about Ulysses S. Grant’s life sponsored by the Missouri Humanities.

This exhibit is organized by reference to the Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant, composed by the dying ex-President in 1884-85. Of interest to all Missourians: our own Mark Twain was the prime mover behind Grant’s Memoirs. This is just one of the stories you will uncover.

Current Traveling Exhibit Location

The exhibit is at Watkins Woolen Mill State Historical Site, 26600 Park Road North, Lawson, MO 6406,  Saturday May 13 and will run until June 13

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U. S. Grant Speaker Event:

Forged in Missouri: Ulysses Grant & The Show-Me State


Even though Ulysses S. Grant was best known for leading Union forces to victory during the American Civil War and serving as a two-term president during the Reconstruction Era, his connection to the Show-Me State is often overlooked. Author Greg Wolk will explore Grant’s military career in Missouri, including interactions with his one-time commanding officer, Gen. John C. Fremont, conflict with Gen. Jeff Thompson of the Missouri State Guard and more, shedding light on this complex 19th century figure and his remarkable legacy.

For more information and to schedule, contact Greg at greg@mohumanities.org

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Dr. Curt Fields portrays U.S. Grant in Missouri