Clarice Britton
Director of Operations
Brief info

Clarice administers the Grants Program internal process and oversees all internal operations for the MHC, including scheduling of Board meetings, handling logistics for Staff and Board, acquiring and maintain office equipment, office leases, and supplies, managing and updating databases, software, computers, and other IT aspects, and managing shipping and scheduling of all commemorative exhibits, and completes the NEH compliance reports. Clarice graduated from Sumner High School in St. Louis in 1980.

“Missouri Humanities gave us the funding for travel, and we went. Set up on the wide front porch of the Womans Building, we collected interviews with a young engaged couple recovering from Covid, a female farmer, politicians, and a performer in a pastel hat and white gloves who introduced herself as Laura Ingalls Wilder…..”

Missouri On Mic

Reynolds Journalism Institute

“I just received the four Proud to Be books that I won at the drawing, written by American Warriors. I am the widow of a service connected disabled veteran and love the idea of letting veterans express themselves through writing! Thank you so much and I can’t wait to read them!”

Cynthia Inlow

St. Louis

“You are great patriots! Keep up the great work.”

Sunnie L Dee

Columbia, MO

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