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Galen Gritts

An established Missouri Humanities Council speaker, Galen Gritts is a registered member of the Cherokee Nation. Born and reared in Missouri, Mr. Gritts has a degree in history from UMSL. He serves on many advisory boards and committees representing Native Americans and is a founding member of the Alliance for Native Programming & Initiatives. He is bemused to find out he is now an Elder and grateful that he has made it this far. One of his goals, when he was young, was to be old.

Available Presentations

Forgotten Trunk in the Attic

Missouri, like most states in the center of the U.S., has no extant tribes like some other states have. Therefore, the knowledge of either the history of Natives or the experience of contemporary Native Americans is one step further removed from people’s consciousness. Using startling facts as stepping stones to fascinating and forgotten stories, this presentation starts to remedy this phenomenon.  


Being Cherokee

People are fascinated by Native Americans and the Cherokee tribe in particular. There are 574 federally recognized tribes – one of them has to garner the most attention; alas, it is the Cherokee. Many Natives, from any tribe, have heard a white person tell the myth of the Cherokee grandmother climbing the family tree. As many people think of Native people as frozen in time in a  John Ford western, their wonderment of hearing from a contemporary Cherokee is boundless. History, personal stories, hidden truths, and more are the backbone of this presentation.  

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