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Elizabeth Kurrus

Elizabeth Kurrus is a historian in St. Louis, Missouri. She earned her Bachelors in history from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and her Master’s in public history from James Madison University in Virginia. She has served as Director of Archives for a 180-year-old church for fifteen years. Additionally, Elizabeth conducts independent research on everything from family histories to historic railroads. Elizabeth has published two books, Oysters to Angus: Three Generations of the St. Louis Faust Family and Ethnic St. Louis and is researching her next publication on St. Louis’ impact on westward migrants of the Oregon and California Trails.

Available Presentations

Oysters to Angus: Three Generations of the St. Louis Faust Family

Tony Faust entered rough and rowdy St. Louis in the mid-nineteenth century. As patriarch of the Faust family, he lived lavishly while rebelling against those who wished to shut down his saloon. Tony’s savvy son, Edward, rose to the top of the St. Louis business elite, and in so doing, shunned his German-American heritage. In contrast, Tony Faust’s steady grandson Leicester quietly built his farm in rural St. Louis County. That land became his legacy: a park built upon the proud Faust name. Through it all, the Fausts navigate the timeline alongside the iconic Busch family, firmly entrenching themselves as movers and shakers of the St. Louis scene. A narrative that has never been told, Oysters to Angus is historically important to both St. Louis as well as greater Missouri, where German immigration and rural growth developed in its own right.

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