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Elizabeth Eikmann

Elizabeth Eikmann, PhD is an expert in St. Louis history, women’s history, and the history of photography. She is a teacher, scholar, and public historian with experience working with museums, public libraries, universities, and the local tourism industry. She currently serves as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Washington University in St. Louis where she is working on her book project, In Her Image: Women’s Photography in Turn-of-the-Century St. Louis, which explores the role of white practitioners of photography in the linking of racial identification and vision. She has extensive experience as a local tour guide, university instructor, and public educational speaker.


Picture This: St. Louis Women Photographers 

Did you know that not only was nineteenth-century St. Louis a bustling photography destination, but it was also home to hundreds of female photographers!? This presentation explores the early history of women’s photography and highlights the lives and professional careers of several St. Louis women whose impressive work started right here in Missouri.

Unseen St. Louis

When historians visit the archive, they often find weird, surprising, and fun material that they rarely get to share with others…but that ends here! This event shares the stories of a selection of images and objects from various St. Louis archives that reveal an unknown side of St. Louis history. The presentation is fun, upbeat, and conversational spanning from the nineteenth century to today, from newspapers and magazines to photography and phonograph records.

St. Louis Changemakers

This interactive event shares the story of three women who changed the course of St. Louis history. Learn about the women’s lives and careers and what they did to change St. Louis through engaging storytelling and seeing rare archival material preserved by each woman. Guests should bring a photo of a woman they admire and will be invited to share a story about them throughout the event.