Missouri Speakers’ Bureau 

The Missouri Speaker Bureau is jointly organized and managed by Missouri Humanities and the State Historical Society of Missouri. The purpose of the Missouri Speakers Bureau is to promote humanities education throughout the state of Missouri. If your civic organization, museum, historical society, library, or similar institution or group is looking for an expert to give a presentation on a topic related to the history, culture, geography, and/or people of Missouri, we hope you will consider what this program has to offer.

In service to its mission to share humanities opportunities across the state, Missouri Speakers Bureau will provide each speaker with underwriting to be able to do four presentations in underserved rural communities,  These are defined as those communities outside the counties of Boone, Greene, Jackson, St. Louis and outside the city of St. Louis.  Underwriting is limited and you must qualify to be considered.

Speakers will now book talks directly with host organizations streamlining the scheduling process and giving speakers more autonomy. Speakers are expected to complete at least four underwritten programs each program year (November-October) and will be paid from the Missouri Humanities underwriting program for those presentations. Host organizations qualifying for underwritten programs will incur no costs from the Missouri Speakers Bureau or the speakers themselves.

Speakers may schedule additional non-underwritten programs with nonprofit and for-profit organizations located anywhere in the state. Payment for those programs will be negotiated by the speaker with those host organizations.

Finally, Missouri Speakers Bureau will provide marketing toolkits to speakers and host organizations to help promote programs to their local communities and encourage attendance. Speakers will also be invited to record a promotional video for their presentation at no cost to them.

This series is presented in partnership with the State Historical Society of Missouri. 

For more information, or if you have questions about speakers or programs, contact Missouri Humanities at marilyn@mohumanities.org.


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