After a rigorous selection process, 52 speakers have been chosen to participate in our Speakers Bureau Program.

Though their talks range across a wide field of themes, our speakers share a focus on Missouri-based topics that help provide deeper, more profound ways to know and explore Missouri’s many histories, cultures, climates, and people!

You can view all our 2023-24 speakers in the Speaker Catalog, or filter by name or topic.

Who Benefits?

Our Amazing Speakers

Our speakers benefit by using the well-established reputations of Missouri Humanities and the State Historic Society of Missouri to market themselves and their work for prospective venues across the State. This gives them the opportunity to reach into communities in ways that matter!

Participating Host Sites


Host sites benefit by easily finding experienced, highly qualified speakers with high-quality presentations that spark the imagination of Missourians willing to sit, listen, and explore the places they call home! This allows host institutions to serve their communities in unique and creative ways that matter!

Missouri Communities!


With a special focus on bringing the Humanities to underserved areas, funding will be available to host sites in such communities across the State. We hope this allows Missourians the chance to gain deeper insights into and appreciation for how they fit within Missouri’s ecosystem of diverse cultures, peoples, and places in ways that matter!

How to Participate


Each speaker qualifies for four paid programs in underserved communities. This funding includes $300 per presentation, which covers the cost of each talk and travel for speakers. Funding is available on a first come, first serve basis, which means funding is not guaranteed. Please reach out to seapkers directly to see if funding is available.

"I wish they could have stayed longer, I could have listened to them all night!"

This series is presented in partnership with the State Historical Society of Missouri. 

For more information, or if you have questions about speakers or programs, contact Missouri Humanities at erin@mohumanities.org.

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