The Missouri Humanities has collaborated with Tribal Nations, American Indian organizations, Missouri nonprofits, and universities to support pow wows and other cultural heritage events, fund archaeological activities and interpretive plans about indigenous peoples, and map historic trails and structures important to American Indians in the region.

The interest generated by these efforts have resulted in the creation of a new, restricted fund, which will allow MHC to support these activities and prioritize new American Indian initiatives for years to come.

By donating to the American Indian Heritage Fund, you will ensure a future of accessible public programs and scholarship vital to understanding the history of this land we all call home.


To support projects, programs, and initiatives that increase our understanding of the American Indian experience in Missouri through preservation, interpretation, and public programming.


The fund will be a restricted account under the Missouri Humanities (MH), which will allow outside funding sources, public and private, an opportunity to donate monies dedicated exclusively to promoting the MH’s ongoing Native American Heritage Programs.


Funding may be earmarked for a specific project, program, or initiative or may be deposited into the general fund to be applied to any of the sundry American Indian projects and programs deemed necessary by the MH Executive Director, after consultation with the MH Board of Directors and the Fund’s Advisory Board members.

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• Raise the profile of MH’s Native American Heritage Programs with a restricted fund.

• Create a statewide, strategic initiative that ties this restricted fund to the long-term vision of MH’s Native American Heritage Programs.

• Increase corporate, foundation, and individual giving to support both new and ongoing projects about the life, culture, and experiences of American Indians in Missouri, past and present.

• Attract a coalition of Native peoples to partner with the MH and other appropriate nonprofits and cultural organizations to identify and prioritize support for worthy projects.

• Leverage the increasing international awareness of Native issues in order to secure national support of activities in Missouri.

• Acquire enough funds to cover operating expenses for MH’s Native American Heritage Programs, with reserve funds on hand to support contemporary issues/projects as they arise.


A 5-member Advisory Board composed of representatives of the Native American Community provides guidance and direction for the fund and its expenditures.

• The Advisory Board will demonstrate a deep commitment to and connection with the American Indian community. Priority will be given to an Advisory Board whose members are representative of diverse experiences in the American Indian community, including tribal connections and geographic distribution.

• Advisory Board members may be from outside the state of Missouri but must have intimate knowledge of the American Indian community and heritage throughout the state of Missouri.

• One of these five Advisory Board members must be a voting member on the MH Board of Directors and  provide regular reports to the MH Board. 

• Advisory Board members will serve for a term of three years, which can be renewed for a successive three-year term with the consent of the other Advisory Board members.

• Advisory Board members, working with the MH’s Executive Director, will nominate replacement members, who must be approved by the unanimous consent of the sitting Advisory Board; the Advisory Board may also entertain nominations from the general community. 

• The Advisory Board will work closely and directly with the MH’s Executive Director (or his/her designee on the MHC staff) to ensure that outside funding will be expended efficiently and appropriately on the MH’s Native American Heritage Program.