Our JUST Listening series is dedicated to cataloging the art and activism that responds in the wake of tragic community events. 

This project took shape in 2014 as community response grew for social justice in Ferguson, Missouri. Partnering with the University of Missouri – St. Louis, we created the video to the right, a 21 -minute documentary that focuses on art as a reaction to tragedy as a form of activism. 

For more information on JUST Listening, email Lisa Carrico at, lisa@mohumanities.org

 Now, nearly six years later, we readdress this topic as we dive back into how art and activism can raise awareness and help build better, stronger communities. 

Join us on July 23rd, 2020 for a virtual film screening of “JUST Listening: A Short Film About Art & Activism, “following the showing, the panel discussion will be moderated by Sir Ervin Williams III, featured in the film. He will discuss with three Missouri artivists, Anita Easterwood, Brock Seals, and Dr. Amber Johnson, past and current efforts to create art that mobilizes people to take action in solidarity with the movement for Black Lives and ignite conversation around art & activism. 

Moderator: Sir Ervin Williams III

Sir Ervin Williams III, Saint Louis actor, writer, director, poet, and activist. He has written, directed, and produced two original plays entitled “Zella” and “The Messengers: The Evolution of the African American Experience” and stars in his hit web-series, “It’s Complicated.” 

Sir Ervin Williams tackles the complexities of being an artist in St. Louis in “Mr. Duplicity,” a book of poetry to be released in October. He has been a keynote speaker for many national conventions, forums, and theaters and has developed creative writing workshops for educational programs. He was featured in “JUST Listening: A Short Film About Art & Activism.”

Anita Easterwood

Anita Easterwood is a portrait artist and a native of Kansas City, KS. She earned her B.A. in Art from Kansas State University and her M.A. in African American Studies from the University of Kansas. Her work explores different aspects of Black life including fashion, culture and history. In June of 2020, she worked alongside her father, Lucky Easterwood, to create her first piece of public art, a mural inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. Her goal as a fine artist is to create a body of work that celebrates who we are as people, and also sparks conversations concerning the Black community’s fight for civil rights. 

Brock Seals

Brock Seals is a Visual Artist and Rapper from Saint Louis, MO. His artwork consists of hand painted canvases, clothing & shoes which have been seen on celebrities and professional athletes. Seals’ latest single “Reparations” is available on all streaming platforms. 

Dr. Amber Johnson

Dr. Amber Johnson is a scholar, artist, and activist, who’s research and activism focus on performances of identity, protest, and social justice in digital ad lived spaces. Dr. Johnson is a co-founder of the Institute for Healing Justice and Equality and recently was awarded the “2019 Outstanding Revised Textbook – Humanities & Media Arts Award” for their book “African American Communication: Examining the Complexities of Lived Experiences.” Dr. Johnson is an Assistant Professor of Communication and Social Justice at Saint Louis University, and founder of The Justice Fleet ™ Mobil Museum, a network of experiences that foster healing through art, play, and dialogue.