10th Annual For the People Pow Wow

The Missionary Society of the Preservation of Traditional Values (MSPTV) is a volunteer organization whose purpose is to preserve spiritual, cultural, religious, and traditional Native American values. They have sponsored the For the People Pow Wow in Jefferson City, MO since 2007. This annual event is dedicated to educating its participants and audience members about the history and traditions of Native culture. This event is open to Natives and non-Natives from across the state of Missouri, and typically draws a crowd of close to 3,000 people. It is a time for visiting, eating, singing, dancing, and honoring veterans.

The Missouri Humanities Council sponsored this event in 2017 as it provides a forum for spectators to see how the arts are crucial to cultural identity and expression for Native American populations. The event features craft vendors, artists, musicians, and dancers performing several traditional styles of dance. It is family-oriented and, unlike most Pow Wows, involves no competition. It is an immersive cultural experience to showcase how Native culture is not confined to history books or museums. These traditions continue to play a vital role in the lives of Native people today.