Creativity in Language

North Central Missouri College is a public community college located in Trenton, MO. Each year, North Central Missouri College hosts a Communication Festival. They invite high school students and teachers from the nine surrounding county areas, as well as college students and members of the public, to take part in lectures and workshops.

In 1989, Missouri Humanities Council sponsored a portion of the Communications Festival. Their funding focused on two lectures – “Creativity in Our Use of Language” and “Creativity in Poetry-Writing”. These programs advocated for creativity in conversational language and a variety of written communication from Shakespeare to journalism to advertising. The presenters wanted audiences to understand the rich, exciting, colorful, fluid nature of language. They focused on how language is capable of multiple levels of meaning based on context, sentence structure, and writing style. Through a combination of lecture and group discussion, this portion of the Communications Festival educated 140 students, teachers, and citizens of Trenton, MO.