The History Around Us

            In 1981, Central Missouri State University received funding from the Missouri Humanities Council (at the time, Missouri Committee for the Humanities) to support the annual state-wide history conference being held in Excelsior Springs on April 16-17, 1982. The theme of the 1982 conference was “The History Around Us”. Conference attendees, which consisted of mostly teachers, were challenged to reorient their perception of history and the humanities. They were taught to consider local, regional, national, and even international perspectives. Hopefully, attendees would begin to see their own place in history and culture. This would make them more prepared to teach students about the importance of the humanities.

There were a variety of sessions and speeches given at the conference over its two-day period. One focused on the preservation and restoration of old buildings and landmarks. Another was on the use of microcomputers to teach Social Studies. Missouri History, Historiography, American Puritanism, Harry S. Truman, and Civil War History were just a few of the other topics covered. The conference showcased that history is in fact all around us; we just need to be taught how to find it.