New Wave Corporation, KOPN Radio

In 1975, the New Wave Corporation had some concerns that could result in major problems over the next twenty-five years for the city of Columbia, MO. They wanted to facilitate an open, in-depth discussion about a variety of issues, including pollution, transportation, cultural integration, mistrust of the government, education, and population growth.

They broadcast eight programs on KOPN Radio to examine these issues from a public policy and humanistic standpoint. The programs began with a taped segment of topic-related music, prose, on-the-street interviews, and a longer interview with an expert in the field. They concluded with a live panel discussion between academic humanists, government officials, local business people, and concerned community members.

Funding from the Missouri Humanities Council (at the time, Missouri Committee for the Humanities) also sponsored the production of a booklet containing a bibliography, basic ideas, and partial transcripts from each radio program. Whether or not these programs had any impact on Columbia, MO by 2000 was never really determined. However, the programs brought together community members to discuss how the humanities relate to our lives both today and in the future.