An important facet of our mission is to bring the humanities to every corner of Missouri. One important way we do this is by working with our partner scholars to build engaging exhibits that can easily travel the state. 

In doing so, we take the study of the humanities directly to your local community. If you’re a school, library, or other institution looking to feature one of our current exhibits or perhaps there’s a new one you’d like to see produced contact Ashley Beard-Fosnow at

The Missouri Plan Exhibit

We have partnered with the Missouri Bar to produce a commemorative exhibit marking the 75th anniversary of the adoption of the Missouri Plan – a national standard bearer in judicial selection. 

This initiative consists of two exhibits, the “Traveling Exhibit” and the “Courthouse Exhibit”. Only one “Traveling Exhibit” is being produced and it will be rotated throughout the state. Featuring three panels and an interactive display component, it is sure to gram the attention of passersby. 

The “Courthouse Exhibit” is a single panel display that consolidates the historical and empirical information about the Missouri Plan into one engaging, but space-saving feature. You can keep it as long as you like. In fact, the longer the better! 

For more information on The Missouri Plan Exhibit, email Dr. Monique Johnston at