Our “Show Me Missouri” Speakers’ Bureau provides expert historians, storytellers, researchers and authors to share the special stories about Missouri’s culture, history, art, and people.

This program is offered to both non- and for-profit organizations, such as civic organizations, museums. historical societies, libraries and groups. 

“Show Me Missouri” Speakers’ Bureau 

This initiative is presented jointly through the State Historical Society of Missouri, located on the University of Missouri – Columbia campus. 

Dates and times for these discussions can be found below, or on our Events Calendar. For more information, email Marilyn Webster-Brown at marilyn@mohumanities.org

Show Me Missouri Speakers’ Bureau Seeks Applicants for the 2020-2021 Program Year

The Show Me Missouri: Conversations about Missouri’s Past, Present, and Future Speakers’ Bureau, jointly organized and managed by the Missouri Humanities Council and the State Historical Society of Missouri, is seeking applications for the 2020-21 program year from November 2020 to October 2021. 

A maximum of 20 speakers will be selected. Scholars, historians, authors, and lecturers who wish to present educational information related to Missouri’s culture, history, art, and people are invited to apply. Current Show Me Missouri speakers must reapply to be considered. 

Speakers will receive a $100 honorarium for online presentations through Zoom or Facebook or a $200 honorarium for each in-person presentation, plus reimbursement for up to $150 in travel expenses. The deadline for applications is September 1, and successful applicants will be notified in October. 

This series is presented in partnership with the State Historical Society of Missouri. 

For more information on the Show Me Missouri Speakers’ Bureau 2020-2021Program Year email Marilyn Webster-Brown at marilyn@mohumanities.org