Our Heritage Programs are dedicated to promoting Missouri’s rich cultural heritage and historical significance. We partner with organizations throughout the state to provide opportunities for the commemoration and exploration of our states heritage. 

Our current focus is on preserving African American, German, Civil War, and rural cultural heritage. With assistance of the Missouri General Assembly, we have received national recognition for innovation in this area.

Black History

Our Black History program creates partnerships and programmatic reach by partnering with non-profit, civil, educational, or cultural organizations that operate as a non-profit; these partners provide educational opportunities to increase understanding of the African American experience in Missouri. 

Civil War Heritage

Our Civil War program maintains the U.S. Grant Trail, and provides fun and interactive public events such as our “Haunted Civil War Walking Tour”. We are also in partnership with Missouri’s Civil War Heritage Foundation to host an annual U.S. Grant Symposium every July.

Missouri Heritage

Missouri would not be the great state that it is without our small towns and communities. Our Missouri Heritage program focuses on providing the tools necessary for communities to identify and evaluate local cultural heritage assets; such as Placemaking, preserving rural Main Streets, and highlighting local attractions. 

German Heritage

Missouri has deep German roots throughout the state. Our German Heritage program focuses on preserving the history of German immigrants and settlements through archiving and digitizing records, and educating the public on German-Missourian history. Our hope is to connect German-Missourians to the past while providing opportunities to preserve Missouri’s German heritage for future generations to come.


Our staff archaeologist is dedicated to taking our Heritage programs to the next level by uncovering stories of Missouri’s history through research and archaeological surveys. With our partners, we have surveyed various areas of our state to help us better understand how Missourians lived in past generations.

In addition, we are actively working with tribal organizations and both state and federal entities to better interpret Missouri’s first peoples; as well as the impact of the Trail of Tears as it moved through southern Missouri. To learn more, contact Erin Whitson at erin@mohumanities.org.

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