Missouri has deep German roots throughout the state. Our German Heritage program focuses on preserving the history of German immigrants and settlements through archiving and digitizing records, and educating the public on German-Missourian history. 

Our hope is to connect German-Missourians to the past while providing opportunities to preserve Missouri’s German heritage for future generations to come. 

Digitizing German Heritage

We partner with local officials and heritage organizations throughout the state of Missouri to provide “Digitizing German Heritage” events. During these events, members of the community have the opportunity to register their artifacts, documents, and stories to have digitized for future generations. 

Hamburg: Heritage, Resilience, Compliance

Hamburg, Missouri was a small but thriving community founded by German immigrants in the mid-1800s. In 1940, the War Department notified the residents, the majority of which were still of German descent, that their town would be demolished for the construction of a TNT plant to assist in the war effort. 

Very little remains of Hamburg, but the memories are still vivid. We strive to capture these stories, and partnered with Missouri Life to present “Hamburg: Heritage, Resilience, Compliance.”