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Preservation Basics Toolkit

To learn more about Federal laws dealing with Archaeology, click below:

Missouri Archaeological Society’s Webpage, Archaeology in Missouri, gives a great overview of the State’s cultural history, starting over 13,000 years ago, and ending in roughly the 1860s. This webpage has clickable links to case studies around the State that focuses on each time period. The organization also has advice on how to collect ethically and how to identify Native American stone tools. Click the link below:

To visit the State Historic Preservation Office’s (SHPO’s) webpage titled, “Public Archaeology”, which includes a list of information on public archaeology programs in the state, or to see a slew of helpful resources at the State level on archaeology, click the link below:

To access the Site forms for Missouri’s State Historic Preservation Office to formally list a site, click the link below:

To see which Native American people’s once lived in the places we live and work today, click the link below:

To see other opportunities within Missouri for Public Archaeology, click the link below:

To See Archaeological Sites and Museums open to the public, click the link below:

To view county plat maps for most counties across Missouri in 1930, click the link below:

To conduct free genealogical work on a family member at, please click below: