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My passion is grants

My passion is grants

by Marvin Silliman, MHC Board Member

Humanities means so much to me. It is the study of how people connect to the human experience through history, culture and traditions.  There are so many stories of the past that, good or bad, help influence what we are thinking about today and hoping for tomorrow. So many different cultures that blended together over time have helped shape the many ways Missourians think and act today.  All of these put together have been our mutual shared human experience over time.  Getting together either in writing, art, or live discussions helps us to better understand the past and help shape our futures. Humanities looks at the whole human experience; influences our thoughts and actions today that makes for a better tomorrow. 

My passion is making grants available to  local Missouri communities thru out the state.  I have served on the MHC grant committee for several years and have helped bring the humanities to the individual person thru a variety of activities including lectures, displays, plays, living history presentations, and classroom learning experiences.  These human experiences thru these grants help shape how we view life together. We can then pass those ideas and thoughts on to our families, friends, and neighbors.

Thanks to all who share my passion for the humanities.