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Mom’s Gravy Was a Bowlful of Love

Mom’s Gravy Was a Bowlful of Love

by Stephen Roberts

The best gravy I have ever eaten was made by my mother *. After frying chicken, beef or pork, Mom’s alchemy produced the best gravy ever. It was always delicious. She made gravy just about every day for decades, sometimes more often when there were guests joining her for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I did not quite realize the connection between food and love until I was over the hill. Today, when I am reminded of Mom, I think of her gravy, and I feel her love. That’s what her gravy was all about. Love. When Mom set a bowl of gravy on her table, we knew we were loved. Mom wanted us to take care of ourselves while we were taking care of the gravy that she served with a little salt, a little pepper and lots of love.

Gravy is versatile, malleable, stable, but mostly, gravy is love. Gravy is not an easy food to eat like a slice of pizza, a taco or a sandwich. Gravy cannot be eaten on the run. Gravy requires time. Gravy demands to be savored. Mom’s gravy holds the top spot on my gravy spectrum and will continue to hold it, because her gravy was an ever present reminder that no matter what was going on in our lives, love was present while we sat together and enjoyed a delicious meal and lively conversation.

I would like to think that everyone who enjoyed a meal at Mom’s table remembers her gravy.

* Rachel Louise (Lyberger) Roberts (October 22, 1917 –  January 8, 2010)

Author: Stephen Roberts

Title: Mom’s Gravy Was a Bowlful of Love

Abstract: My mother’s gravy was remarkable. It was her way of telling her family and her mealtime guests that she loved them.

Relevant Information: I grew up in Missouri and did not leave the state until I was 50 years old. Once I left, and especially after my mother’s death, have I come to realize what an amazing woman my mother was. Currently, I am a docent at Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC. I enjoy sharing stories of my life in Missouri with guests at the museum.