Writers, Scholars, and Students

MO Humanities magazine is a forum for printed and digital dialogue about the people, places, and culture of Missouri. Missouri Humanities is issuing a call for writers, scholars, and students to submit articles for consideration for publication in our next issue.
Submissions may be in the genre of personal narrative, poetry, historical or nonfiction essay, short story, personal reflection, or findings from original research geared towards a public humanities audience.
The deadline to submit is June 24, 2022. Add your voice to the conversation! 

Magazine Guidelines

The purpose of MO Humanities magazine is to provide a forum for publication, discussion, narrative expression and dialogue regarding the human experience of Missourians. 

Missouri Humanities (MH) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to strengthen communities and enrich lives by connecting Missourians to the people, places, and ideas that shape society. Submissions may be in the genre of a perspectives piece, personal narrative, poetry, historical or nonfiction essay, short story, personal reflection, book or film review or an original research article. Submissions should be between 350 to 1,000 words in length. A $250 honorarium will be issued for selected submissions made by eligible Missourians (MH staff, board, and their households are not eligible).

Articles may be written on any subject of the author’s choice. Preference will be given to submissions related to the MH annual theme. The 2022 signature series theme is “Eat, Think, & Be Merry: Missouri’s Foodways and Edible History”.  Join Missouri Humanities around the table as we consider the role food plays in shaping our society- how it connects us to each other, to our pasts & identities, to our Midwest roots, and to the world around us. Together we will explore Missouri’s foodways and culinary traditions to celebrate the breadth and depth of our state’s cultural heritage, history, natural environment, and the relationship between food and the human experience. In coming years, themes will explore the movements of people, immigrant stories, and the “Story of US” in celebration of the United States’ semiquincentennial.

The submission deadline for the next issue is June 24, 2022.

The best way to familiarize yourself with the preferred style and structure of MO Humanities magazine articles is to read previously published issues. Past issues are online at https://mohumanities.org/past-issues/.  

In general, these are the word count totals we request for 1- or 2-page articles, depending on the number and sizes of the images accompanying the article:

  • 1 page: 350–500 words
  • 2 pages: 500–1,000 words

Please include your full job/position title(s) and degree title(s), as well as those of any co-authors.

If your article contains notes from research or for reference, please incorporate them into the article’s body. Do not include footnotes or endnotes with your article.

Articles should be submitted as text documents (such as .DOC or .RTF). Do not submit articles in .PDF or .PAGES format.

Articles should follow Chicago Manual of Style guidelines, which are summarized for free online at owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/717/01 or can be read in full with a subscription at chicagomanualofstyle.org/home.html.

All submitted images should be in .JPG or .TIF format, 300 dpi, and at least 4″ in width (larger if possible). Please attach images as separate files, independent of your article, and please include any information relevant for captions.

Submissions with excessive formatting or in need of extensive copyediting may be returned to the author for revision; please only submit clean copy with minimal formatting.

Intellectual Property

Copyright for contributions published in MO Humanities magazine is retained by each author with publication rights granted to the magazine. An author’s submission grants MH the right to publish the article in MO Humanities digital and print editions of the magazine. Content is free to users and the public.

Tentative Dates for the 2022 Issue

June 24, 2022: Deadline for article submissions emailed to Ashley@mohumanities.org

July 15, 2022: Authors will be notified if their article was chosen for this issue

October 3, 2022: Issue is published

Submission Instructions and Contact

Please email your submissions to Ashley Beard-Fosnow at Ashley@mohumanities.org. Call Ashley with questions at 816-682-0861.

Space is limited. All submissions will not be published. After an author submits an article, at least two members of the MH staff, editorial staff, and/or volunteer committee will review each submission and determine which articles are the best fit for the magazine. MH staff will keep all authors informed as to the status of their submissions throughout the process. Articles not chosen for the upcoming issue will be filed and considered for future editions. Authors will be notified via email within three weeks of the submission deadline and told the outcome of their submission.

The MH and editorial staff may recommend rejection, revision, or proceeding to publishing. If a piece is deemed appropriate for publishing, authors will consult with editorial staff or staff members to maximize the effectiveness of the submission.

After a piece has been accepted for publication, MH staff will provide line edits in consultation with the author to reach a layout-ready version of the work. Authors will have the opportunity to review the final version of the laid-out piece prior to publication.