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Missouri Marvels

2024 Signature Series

Missouri Marvels considers our state’s role in the intricate relationship between discovery, innovation, and the human experience.


Together, we will explore the possibilities of human progress and cultural evolution. Through in-person public programming and digital content, we’ll journey through history to showcase Missouri trailblazers and technological advancements, illuminate the transformative power of discovery and innovation, and navigate the complexities and challenges of an ever-changing world.


Join us as we consider how imagination, ingenuity, and the humanities can build empathy and create a more just, inclusive, and human-centered future that positively impacts families, communities, and the environment.

Check out

The Missouri
Marvels Podcast

Season 3 of our podcast has officially begun! Tune in to hear stellar conversations with scholars, authors, and enthusiasts that consider the relationship between the humanities, discovery, and innovation. This season will be out of this world, so don’t miss it!

Think-N-Drink: Doom or Boom?

AI technology is everywhere. Will it have a negative or positive effect on our businesses, relationships, and personal lives? Join us Thursday, August 22nd in Rolla at Colton’s Roadhouse to hear from leading AI and technology impact specialists! Grab a drink and become part of this conversation as we discuss the social and psychological impacts of AI, technology diffusion, and upcoming revolutions in healthcare.

7th Annual Springfield Symposium

This experiential humanities symposium invited participants to explore innovation for strengthening communities in the Ozarks through a series of interactive program sessions. Participants moved around Springfield, Missouri, both indoors and outdoors, engaging in activities that leverage creative ideas and implement strategies and collaborations aimed at enhancing communities’ social fabric, resilience, and well-being. The sessions highlighted how organizations and individuals in the Ozarks are incorporating the humanities into innovative strategies to address community needs. All sessions were free and open to the public.

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