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Horizons Initiative

Broaden Your Horizons with Humanities, Arts and Tourism

Cultural events across Missouri are taking center stage as part of the Horizons initiative created by Missouri Humanities, Missouri Arts Council, and Missouri Division of Tourism.

Horizons is designed to encourage in-state travelers and out-of-state visitors to experience culture, art, and the humanities at Missouri events, festivals, and institutions.

This Year’s Horizons Festivals!

  • June 7-8: French Heritage Festival in Ste. Genevieve
  • June 28-29: Sliced Bread Day in Chilicothe
  • September 20-21: Joplin Arts Fest in Joplin
  • September 27-29: Bethel Fall Market at the Historic Bethel German Colony
  • October 5-6: Olde Tyme Apple Festival in Versailles

Festivals eager to be part of our future cohorts:

Please by send a letter of interest to Share your festival’s unique story, cultural significance, and vision for fostering community engagement through the humanities. We’re excited to continue exploring and amplifying the diverse cultural tapestry of Missouri, and your festival could be the next star in our lineup!

To get a taste of the vibrant festivals we’ve celebrated before, check out our curated playlist featuring some highlights from past events HERE.

What is the Horizons Initiative?

“Missouri is rich in history and culture,” said Ashley Beard-Fosnow, executive director of Missouri Humanities, “and we want people of all ages and interests to learn more about how people, the arts, and different traditions helped shape our state. Horizons is designed to do that by encouraging people to find new experiences.”

As part of the program, nine organizations were selected to participate in Horizons and to receive $10,000 grants from Missouri Humanities to support cultural events that are open to the public and meet other selection criteria. Organizers are encouraged to promote their activities to audiences who live more than 50 miles from the event location. Many of these programs feature artists who celebrate Missouri’s cultural traditions through song, artistic expression, history demonstrations and other interpretative means.

“Our goal is to generate more interest in Missouri as a hub for cultural activities and for our residents and visitors to have an increased appreciation for the arts,” said Michael Donovan, executive director of the Missouri Arts Council. “The events featured in Horizons are a source of local pride for the areas in which they’re held and our organizations want all Missourians, and visitors, to feel that sense of community.”

To learn more about our 2024 initiative, please click HERE.