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Cultural Resource Management Series

This three-part webinar series addresses some of the basics of Cultural Resource Management, specifically for small museums and cultural institutions.

Part 1

Museum Exhibition: The Ins and Outs, Pros and Cons, Best Possible, and Most Likely Practices of Exhibition

Join Amber Clifford, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Central Missouri, as she details how best to showcase your museum’s unique collections. 

Learn about things such as color, light, and object placement as well as general best practices in museum exhibitions.

Part 2

Managing Cultural Resources at the Community Level

Jeffrey Alvey, an archeologist with the State Historic Preservation Office, provides a general discussion of the field of cultural resource management and what it means to be a successful manager of cultural resources. 

He also discusses approaches to the management of cultural resources at the community level and how these resources can enrich the lives of both residents and visitors by deepening their understanding of a community’s history and traditions.

Part 3

Cultural Resources, Archeology, and Your Community 

Cultural resources are all around us! But what should you do if you find an artifact or an archaeological site? Who can you talk with about artifacts your community or organization has questions about? How can you share your cultural resources information with your community? 

Candy Sall, Director of the Museum of Anthropology and American Archaeology Division at the University of Missouri, will talk about all this and more, as well as provide resources for your organization.

Cultural Engagement Workshops

Our cultural heritage workshops work to provide the tools and resources necessary for communities to re-evaluate their cultural heritage assets in an effort to begin or revive programming, tourism, and economic development opportunities in their area.

This one-day, three-part workshop focuses on Marketing and Social Media, Interregional Cooperation and Creating Critical Mass, and Creating and Sustaining an Effective Volunteer Program.


Cultural Heritage Workshops

Our Cultural Heritage Workshops take place throughout the state of Missouri. These one-day workshops showcase a variety of topics from panelists representing both local and statewide organizations, as well as networking opportunities and applied activities. Participants learn basic tools to develop or revive cultural heritage programming in their communities, as well as how this programming can bolster tourism and impact local and regional economic development.