Chapter Three: 1862: Hermann

Virtual Event Aired: August 12th, 2020 

Hermann was founded in 1837 and took advantage of its riverfront location and regular train service that arrived in the 1850s to become a bustling community. It was built by European immigrants primarily from Germany. These settlers brought with them a new crop – grapes – that soon began to cover the hillsides along the river. They brought with them a strong opposition to slavery. 

Special Guests:
Paul Schwartzkopf: Retired parish pastor and storyteller, Paul, will dress the part of Carl Strehly, to tell about the Civil War, Bushwhackers, Eduard Muehl and other German immigrants who worked from 1845 to 1865 to abolish slavery in Missouri. 
This chapter mentions many themes, one being the Civil War. During the Civil War the telegraph became an important form of communication. To learn more about the telegraph, we hope you enjoy this week’s activity using Morse Code to decipher the answers to questions related to Hermann and Chapter 3.  
The below image illustrates the different towns featured in Growing Up with the River.  
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