Chapter Seven: 1959: St. Charles

Virtual Event Aired: September 9th, 2020

St. Charles was founded as San Carlos del Misuri more than 150 years earlier, and was now more a part of St. Louis, thanks to a new bridge over the Missouri River. The land around a old war materials plant had recently become Busch Wildlife Area, Missouri’s largest conservation area. The same location was also proposed as a site for the United Nations. 

Special Guests:
Nicki Wheaton; Naturalist with the Missouri Department of Conservation, Nicki will speak about how Busch Wildlife area came to be, what it has been used for and current conservation practices.
Caitlin Yager: Director of Heritage Programs, standing in for Marc Houseman, Executive Director of the Washington Historical Society and Museum. Caitlin will recount the story of Hamburg and Howell and the subsequent building of the Weldon Spring Site.
Growing Up with the River” introduces readers to several animals found in Missouri. For this chapter’s activity, see if you can figure out the name of the animal in each picture as you fill in the missing letters. We then challenge you to name additional animals, past and present, mentioned during the weekly readings!
The below image illustrates the different towns featured in Growing Up with the River.  
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