Chapter Nine: 2016: Chesterfield

Virtual Event Aired: September 23rd, 2020 

Chesterfield has grown to be the 14th largest city in Missouri and has expanded into the former floodplain of the Missouri River with the building of outlet malls and big-box stores. A new bike lane across the just-completed Missouri River bridge now connects Chesterfield Valley to the Katy Trail Confluence Point State Park, located in St. Charles County, less than an hour’s drive from Chesterfield. 

Special Guests:
Bill Spradley, arborist and owner of Trees, Forests & Landscapes, Inc., will talk about his special relationship to the McBaine Burr Oak tree and his ongoing efforts to care for and preserve Missouri’s largest Burr Oak. 
Ken Buchholz, Director of the Audubon Center at Riverlands, will tell the story of the Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary and the importance of the Great Rivers Confluence area to myriad bird species like the American White Pelican, Bald Eagle, and Trumpeter Swan.
Growing up with the River” describes many different kinds of birds found in Missouri. For this chapter’s activity you will build a simple toilet paper roll bird feeder to attract birds to your own backyard! There’s even a space to draw a picture of one of your favorite bird visitors!
The below image illustrates the different towns featured in Growing Up with the River.  
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