Chapter Four: 1883: New Haven

Virtual Event Aired: August 19th, 2020 

New Haven buzzed with activity. Four trains a day passed through, bringing passengers and freight, and taking products like flour and fruit trees to market in other towns. Steamboats and ferries stopped with passengers from St. Louis, as well as shoppers and schoolchildren from southern Warren County. The boatyards built bigger and bigger steamboats to compete with the railroads, but it was a losing battle. 

Special Guests:
Jeanne Damschroeder:  Jeanne will discuss the history, renovation, and her experience as the innkeeper for the Central Hotel.
Annalies Corbin: CEO and Founder of the PAST Foundation and archaeologist, will discuss her research and excavation of the Steamboat Montana.
In Chapter 4 of “Growing Up with the River” the little girl narrating the story talks about harvesting ice from the Missouri River. In this activity you will make ice and then have fun paining on it! This fun and creative activity is also a great simple science activity for kids to learn about liquids, solids, and melting! See how many times you can paint on the ice before it melts!
The below image illustrates the different towns featured in Growing Up with the River.  
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