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ARPA Black Archives Grant

Black Archives Museum of St. Joseph I am so excited to share our final report with you on the use of the $5,000 of funding from the Missouri Humanities Council […]

The Meteor Shower

The Meteor Shower By Susan Howard We stepped out into the chill November night air. My thirteen-year-old son had asked me to take him in the early morning hours to […]

Letters Home

Letters Home written by Julia Brooke “We have mail call every day-including Sunday-just before lunch and just before supper. The letter was stamped 3:30 p.m. Thursday, and I got it […]

Advocating for a Cause

Advocating for a Cause Written by Chrissy Sommer, Community Engagement Director “It isn’t enough to say we ‘need’ the humanities because we ARE the humanities. They are gifts to us […]

Roots & Routes: the Trail of Tears in Missouri

Roots & Routes: An Update on the Trail of Tears in Missouri Written by Christopher W. Dunn, Esq. Introduction: In the late 1830s five Native American tribes, possibly over 100,000 […]

The Old Family Farm

The Old Family Farm By Dr. Ryan Johnston Verse 1 It’s stood where it is at the edge of the town For many a year before we came around There’s […]

Mom’s Gravy Was a Bowlful of Love

Mom’s Gravy Was a Bowlful of Love by Stephen Roberts The best gravy I have ever eaten was made by my mother *. After frying chicken, beef or pork, Mom’s […]

Announcing Our 2023 Signature Series

Our 2023 Signature Series Roots & Routes: The Movement and Settlement of Missourians will consider the movement of people, both voluntary and involuntary, and its influence on the cultural heritage, […]

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