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The volume also sponsored a veterans’ writing competition. The winners and finalists are spotlighted in the front of the book.

The anthology is the eleventh in an annual series published by Southeast Missouri State University Press in cooperation with the Missouri Humanities Veterans Projects.

Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, Volume 11

Edited by James Brubaker, Foreword by Virginia Brackett

Award Winning Fiction
Adam Straus – Crisis and Response (Winner)
Benjamin Inks – Honeycombs (Honorable Mention)
Sandra Tow – Not Even the Trees (Honorable Mention)

Award Winning Photography
Niko Eden – Last Hoorah (Winner)
Michael Day – Losing Focus (Honorable Mention)
Scott Meehan – British APC in the Green Zone—Baghdad 2005 (Honorable Mention)

Award Winning Poetry
Eric Chandler – Tar (Winner)
Jacob Reisinger – My Combat (Honorable Mention)
Charity Winters – War Tourism (Honorable Mention)

Award Winning Essays
Charlie Jacobson – Tanks (Winner)
Robert Brewer – Baby, It’s You (Honorable Mention)
Charity Winters – Thomas Stearns Eliot, I Salute You (Honorable Mention)