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Advocacy & Community Engagement Resources

How to Advocate for your non-profit, your organization

How to Advocate for your non-profit

Write letters to the editor

Write letters to your local newspapers and magazines in support of your non-profit, your organization, cause, or event.

Create a buzz on social media

Do you have a Facebook page, Titter account, Instagram, etc for your organization? Use hashtags and posts to promote your non-profit, your organization, cause, or event. You can do the same on your personal social media pages.

Call your elected local offices

 Reach out to your Mayors, County Councils, and other local officials, to tell them about your non-profit, your organization, cause, or event to see if you can build an alliance.

Email your State Legislator and/or Congress member

Emails can also be a powerful way to communicate with your elected officials. A handwritten letter is also another way to reach out to them. The power of a handwritten message is even greater. Do not use form letters, but talk from the heart.

Community Engagement

What is community engagement and why should you care?

Community engagement takes a strategic approach to the relationships, communication and interactions between community members and an organization to try to influence outcomes for both.

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